Friday, October 22, 2010

my latest project

It has been harder and harder to blog in the past few days because Caleb and I have been using our laptop as a method of TV lately.  Since we NEVER watched anything live we decided to quit cable, spend about $20.00 on some cords and hook up our laptop and watch everything online or Netflix.  I must say at first I did not want to give up my Monday afternoon Lifetime movies, but after a few weeks of having it off and being able to save around $75.00 a month it is totally worth it!  Since I have a lot more time to be crafty and get projects done around the house I decided it was time to post the newest love of my life. is a hutch I purchased from an antique store for whopping $75.00.  With a purchase of some Kilz, 6 knobs from Hobby Lobby[that were half off] and re-using some left over paint from my craft desk I have come to love love love this piece of furniture that Caleb did not want me to paint.....but of course I won the fight on that one.

It was extremely easy to do and what is so fun about doing projects like this is that each person does it different and gets to add their own touch to something that was once precious to somebody and now means so much to me because I did it all on my own!



Here is how the process went down:

1.  Sand entire hutch with a harder grit sand paper and then buff with a softer grit sand paper.

2.  Apply at least 1 maybe 2 coats of Kilz.

3.  Apply 2 coats of desired color.

4.  After it has completely dried, take sand paper and lightly or heavily[depending on how much wood you want to show] run the sand paper across the hutch taking of parts of the paint so that it looks stripped and old.

5.  Decorate as needed.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

my very first country concert.

Tonight I got the opportunity to take my dad's ticket and go to Carrie Underwood's concert at Verizon Arena.  I must say I knew only 2 of the songs that she sang, but she put on a great concert and as always there was the one fool who danced out of control and got laughed at from across the crowd.  Gotta love Arkansas for its proud people that don't care at all what other people think of them!

Here are a few pics.  And yes she is in an old truck above our heads it was crazy!

I honestly have to say if I was ever going to listen to country music I would listen to her because she is insanely good at what she does.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

fall is almost here.

Tonight was craft night and I carved my first pumpkin.  Yes I am 25 and just carved my first pumpkin.  My inspiration came from this link and was extremely easy to follow.  I did the halloween house template 3, needless to say I am practicing for my first ever Spooktacular Halloween Party and hope I will do well at the pumpkin carving contest.

I havent put a light in it yet but hopefully soon I will get one to place in it.

On another note my sweet friend Kim has started blogging and everyone should follow her blog here because it is too cute not to get seen.