Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dillinger turns 1.

Today was our second dog Dillinger's first birthday.  I think I would have loved to have thrown him a little birthday party but I know that Caleb would have killllled me if I was serious about actually having a party for a dog.  When we first got him I dont think we knew what we were getting ourselves into.  Don't get me wrong he is a great dog, he's just a very very big baby.

This was one of the first few pictures I took of him.

So instead today me and Dillinger did our usual run in the morning.....but today I think he was too tired cause I had to drag him half way through the end of the run which normally he drags me.  I then got ready for work and ran by the lovely dollar store and got just a few little things for him....a couple of bones and rawhides and a new ball.  Since he tends to destroy everything (even the nice kong toys) it is worth it to get very cheap treats cause either way it will get destroyed.

Caleb and I are very thankful that we found our Dillinger and can't wait to have many more birthdays with him and hoooope that he will calm down the older he gets!!
Now this is how big he is!!

His birthday presents.

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