Monday, September 27, 2010

::my somewhat productive monday::

I am not so good at keeping up this blog yet.....but this week I am going to try to be better at it.  I promise!! Today was like a usual monday for me, clean, organize, craft and go do some antiquing!  I keep telling myself I will get back in the routine of running since it feels so amazing outside now, but that's a whole other goal to do.

Today I ventured out to the Goodwill of the lovely NLR.  I think this has been the best findings of all, mostly because it was all so cheap and because I loooove all my new nifty things.

Everything was $1.00 except for the tall vase with dried flowers in it adding up to a whole $3.00.  I brought my things home and dispersed them throughout my house.  Caleb and I laughed because pretty sure both our grandparents had most of this decor in their house at one point and now it is making its way full circle back into our house and little hidden treasures that make our home feel homey.

On another note I started one of my quilts today.  Its not really a quilt, just two pieces of fabric sewn together with batting in the middle, but I call it a quilt cause it's not a duvet cover.  So far everything has gone very good with it.  Hopefully I can finish it this week so I can display some pics.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

who is ready for fall?!

This past Sunday my mom and I attended the Pottery Barn fall decor class at our local pottery barn.  I have never been to a class like that before but I really enjoyed getting to see how other people decorate instead of looking at blogs and Martha Stewart's site all day long.  Since Pottery Barn is a little expensive I took some of their ideas and went to my local Hobby Lobby and Michael's and spent half of the money that I would have.

My lantern filled with little pine cones and pumpkins from Michael's.

Decorative pumpkins and a vase filled with acorns from Hobby Lobby.

My mom did purchase the fabulous tree trunk candle from Pottery Barn for me!  All other decor from Hobby Lobby.  Hoping to put a big pumpkin behind it all when a local church starts selling their pumpkins.

These next two photos are probably my most favorite fall decor ideas that I received from this blog and they were both really cheap!  I just found a template for a bird on line and cut it out of scrapbook paper and then stenciled fall on an extra piece of it and replaced it in a frame I already have.

This little creation is for sure my favorite above all other decorations I have done.  Just cut out some circles of burlap and other fabric that reminds you of fall and hot glue them onto a wreath.  I then took some twine and hot glued it on the back of the wreath and found little paper clips and stenciled THANKFUL onto some other scrapbook paper I had and completed it within 30 minutes!  It was very easy and what I like is each one will be different depending on the person who creates it.  

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

labor day weekend

I love holiday weekends mainly because Caleb gets to have a Monday off with me, which rarely happens, so when it does happen we try to do everything we can together.

After I got off work on Saturday we went to Blue Suede Shoes Antique Mall in Bryant, AR.  This place is my ultimate dream antique store!!  Every time I go there I find something I like and just HAVE to buy it.  I have been keeping my eyes out little trinkets for my new hutch I bought a few weeks ago.  Here were my purchases making a total of $20.00!

Caleb and I also visited Lowes at least 5 times going back and forth trying to figure out a paint color for the living room, dining room and hallway.  FINALLY the 3rd trial size color worked.  I did all of the trim tonight and am hoping by this weekend it will be done!

Another reason I love holiday weekends because I can organize and start certain projects that I have been dwelling on.  I narrowed my winter crafts down to attempting to make this and this.  Of course they won't look exactly like that but I will attempt to carry over the "idea" of them.  I want this first one for our guest bedroom and the quilt for our bedroom.  I have been wanting to make some new bedspreads for a very long time now, but haven't found exactly what I want to do.  Hopefully I can get started on them once the weather gets a little cooler.  If you know me, you know that I would rather do things myself so it is more unique and if it saves me anything even $5.00 it is totally worth it to me.

Hopefully soon I can post some pictures of the new living room color and the steps along my process of making one of the new bedspreads.

Friday, September 3, 2010

I joined the dark side.....

Yesterday me and Kat had some free time in the morning and decided to touch up each others hair.  Since I have been trying to grow my hair out since March I decided doing something drastic to the color should "help" with the grow out phase.  I can't remember when it has been this dark and this long (long for me) in a really long time.  Caleb loves my hair dark....well he really wants it to be black but that won't ever I compromised and did it a really dark brown with very fine dark caramel highlights in the top. 

In other news I'm getting the itch to start planning my fall crafts.  I am utterly obsessed with this site and this site.  Hopefully I will narrow down which projects I will work on, because if I don't I will be working on a million at once.  Since it is labor day weekend I plan on getting all of my craft ideas organized and figuring out what my first one will be to post on the blog.