Wednesday, September 15, 2010

who is ready for fall?!

This past Sunday my mom and I attended the Pottery Barn fall decor class at our local pottery barn.  I have never been to a class like that before but I really enjoyed getting to see how other people decorate instead of looking at blogs and Martha Stewart's site all day long.  Since Pottery Barn is a little expensive I took some of their ideas and went to my local Hobby Lobby and Michael's and spent half of the money that I would have.

My lantern filled with little pine cones and pumpkins from Michael's.

Decorative pumpkins and a vase filled with acorns from Hobby Lobby.

My mom did purchase the fabulous tree trunk candle from Pottery Barn for me!  All other decor from Hobby Lobby.  Hoping to put a big pumpkin behind it all when a local church starts selling their pumpkins.

These next two photos are probably my most favorite fall decor ideas that I received from this blog and they were both really cheap!  I just found a template for a bird on line and cut it out of scrapbook paper and then stenciled fall on an extra piece of it and replaced it in a frame I already have.

This little creation is for sure my favorite above all other decorations I have done.  Just cut out some circles of burlap and other fabric that reminds you of fall and hot glue them onto a wreath.  I then took some twine and hot glued it on the back of the wreath and found little paper clips and stenciled THANKFUL onto some other scrapbook paper I had and completed it within 30 minutes!  It was very easy and what I like is each one will be different depending on the person who creates it.  

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