Tuesday, September 7, 2010

labor day weekend

I love holiday weekends mainly because Caleb gets to have a Monday off with me, which rarely happens, so when it does happen we try to do everything we can together.

After I got off work on Saturday we went to Blue Suede Shoes Antique Mall in Bryant, AR.  This place is my ultimate dream antique store!!  Every time I go there I find something I like and just HAVE to buy it.  I have been keeping my eyes out little trinkets for my new hutch I bought a few weeks ago.  Here were my purchases making a total of $20.00!

Caleb and I also visited Lowes at least 5 times going back and forth trying to figure out a paint color for the living room, dining room and hallway.  FINALLY the 3rd trial size color worked.  I did all of the trim tonight and am hoping by this weekend it will be done!

Another reason I love holiday weekends because I can organize and start certain projects that I have been dwelling on.  I narrowed my winter crafts down to attempting to make this and this.  Of course they won't look exactly like that but I will attempt to carry over the "idea" of them.  I want this first one for our guest bedroom and the quilt for our bedroom.  I have been wanting to make some new bedspreads for a very long time now, but haven't found exactly what I want to do.  Hopefully I can get started on them once the weather gets a little cooler.  If you know me, you know that I would rather do things myself so it is more unique and if it saves me anything even $5.00 it is totally worth it to me.

Hopefully soon I can post some pictures of the new living room color and the steps along my process of making one of the new bedspreads.


  1. I linked over here from Katherine's blog and OH MY GOODNESS! Your stuff is so cute! Love your finds...my mom had the very same butterfly coaster set when I was little. Sure brought back a lot of memories!