Friday, September 3, 2010

I joined the dark side.....

Yesterday me and Kat had some free time in the morning and decided to touch up each others hair.  Since I have been trying to grow my hair out since March I decided doing something drastic to the color should "help" with the grow out phase.  I can't remember when it has been this dark and this long (long for me) in a really long time.  Caleb loves my hair dark....well he really wants it to be black but that won't ever I compromised and did it a really dark brown with very fine dark caramel highlights in the top. 

In other news I'm getting the itch to start planning my fall crafts.  I am utterly obsessed with this site and this site.  Hopefully I will narrow down which projects I will work on, because if I don't I will be working on a million at once.  Since it is labor day weekend I plan on getting all of my craft ideas organized and figuring out what my first one will be to post on the blog.

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