Monday, September 27, 2010

::my somewhat productive monday::

I am not so good at keeping up this blog yet.....but this week I am going to try to be better at it.  I promise!! Today was like a usual monday for me, clean, organize, craft and go do some antiquing!  I keep telling myself I will get back in the routine of running since it feels so amazing outside now, but that's a whole other goal to do.

Today I ventured out to the Goodwill of the lovely NLR.  I think this has been the best findings of all, mostly because it was all so cheap and because I loooove all my new nifty things.

Everything was $1.00 except for the tall vase with dried flowers in it adding up to a whole $3.00.  I brought my things home and dispersed them throughout my house.  Caleb and I laughed because pretty sure both our grandparents had most of this decor in their house at one point and now it is making its way full circle back into our house and little hidden treasures that make our home feel homey.

On another note I started one of my quilts today.  Its not really a quilt, just two pieces of fabric sewn together with batting in the middle, but I call it a quilt cause it's not a duvet cover.  So far everything has gone very good with it.  Hopefully I can finish it this week so I can display some pics.

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